I am Natalie, a London girl - born at King's College Hospital, raised and still living in South London.  
I am mum to 3 beautiful & amazing daughters . I  began my journey as a  birth, baby & parenting expert after the birth of my 2nd daughter and have been working with mums, dad's, babies & children for the last 10 years. 

I began working as a doula in 2009,  after realising the need for support in birth and postnatally. 
I was very aware of the positive effect support and care for a new mum can have on mum, baby and the family as a whole.  I wanted to be there to support women during this sometimes scary , nervous , exciting and wonderful time in their lives. 

I am  trained as baby massage instructor and  

teach courses to help mums and dads bond, connect and calm their babies. I run private NCT/antenatal group courses and one to one courses all over the UK.  

I found as a doula, that I was working with lots & lots of parents  to improve their baby's sleep. 
It was then decided to become fully certified as a baby sleep consultant. I love being a sleep detective and finding the root of the sleep issues and giving parents the sleep solution that is  right for your baby and your family . 

I now also offer sleep help for children, teenagers and adults, please visit blisssleep.co.uk for more infomation. 

I am fully trained in paediatric first aid, hold a current DBS and am fully insured. I am always attending new courses to keep myself up to date with all things birth and baby. 

To discuss how I  can support you with your baby or toddler, please email natalie@birthbabybliss.co.uk or call 07856 672 072. 


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