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Hello, I am Natalie and I am the founder of Birth Baby Bliss. I have been working with mums and babies for the last 11 years and growing my own family along the way too - I have 3 beautiful, kind and confident daughters. 

I have always had a passion for babies and caring for them. When I was little,  I would always want to hold and feed any baby and when I was old enough I looked after my cousins as much as - I could.

All this time around babies when I was a child, gave me a natural foundation for being a mum and for becoming a birth and baby professional. 

I haven't always always worked with mums and babies, in fact I used to work in communications and I loved it.
I was lucky that this job gave me enough flexibility to still take my 1st daughter - (Faith) to baby and toddler groups and then as she grew being able pick her up from school. 
But when baby no.2 arrived (Farah) - I knew I wanted to work for myself and fit work around my expanding family - and that's how I became a doula!

Since becoming a doula in 2009, I have continued to train and expand my knowledge and skills and have worked with thousands of mums & babies. 

In 2010 I became a baby massage teacher while pregnant with number 3 - (Talah) 

In 2011 began running baby groups in local children's centres, running groups 1-3 x a week. 

In 2012 I trained as Baby Yoga teacher running private one to one and group sessions.

In 2016 I trained as a sleep consultant  because I was finding more and more of my clients were asking for sleep help. 
In 2017 I became an antenatal teacher with KG Hypnobirthing and started teaching courses the same year. 

I breastfed all 3 of my daughters, I co-slept  and had many many sleepless night. As my girls have grown my parenting approach is flexible, fun but firm and for us this works. 

As you can see I have lots of experience  both personally and professionally and 

I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE my job and I can't wait to work with you whatever stage you are at in your motherhood journey. 


I am now training other women to work supporting mums and babies in all areas  - to join the BBB team  email Natalie@birthbabybliss.co.uk  

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