I have been a doula for almost 10 years and have supported many many women during their labour & births at home, water births, in hospitals and for caesarean sections. I have also supported  many new mums as a postnatal doula.   

What will I do as your birth Doula?

As a birth doula I am able to be there to give you emotional and practical support and reassurance right during pregnancy , labour and birth. 

As a birth doula I am on call for you for 4 weeks from 38 weeks - 42 weeks pregnancy. I am a flexible doula and work with your individual needs.

I provide birth support all over London hospitals, selected hospitals in Hampshire & Surrey.

Birth Packages are £1200 and includes continuous labour & birth support, One to One  HypnoNatal course at your home, 2 antenatal visits & 1 postnatal visit. 

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