Welcome to Muma Hub 

Muba Hub is a positive place for muma's . At the Muba Hub you can share proud and positive muma experiences and enjoy your baby.


Why Join?
Muba Hub had been created as a place to connect and support Muma'a  and  focus on the positives of having a baby  and being a muma. Because we all know about the negatives. 

Muma Hub is a newly created online space for Muma's to focus on being positives and celebrate being a muma. 

By joining Muma Hub you will have access to Buba hub, which is where you will find a database of local muma & buba business AND find or set up a local Buba hub meet ups. 





2 x a month Birth celebration sessions

This is an online paid for sesion that is focues on releasing any  negatvity from your birth and focusing on belebrating your birth 

Muma successes

Life as a Muma can be wonderful but sometimes challenging. So I have section called Muma Successes this is where you share your experience whatever it was and  must end by saying 

" I am so proud of myself because.... INSERT A POSITIVE OUT OF WHATEVER HAPPENED HERE " b


Because our minds naturally take us to he negative and f we do it automatcally , all too often we begin to focus on the negative. Thts why I am here to help you to learn to focus on the positives , no matter what life throws at you


This doesn't have to be about your buba but it can be , it is anything that has happended that made you feel neagtive . If you are still feeling negative this is a really powerful and effective tool to let go and FOCUS on the positive.  


I was verbally attacked recently. for a good few hoursI felt angry and sad. I knew that if I kept on replying what happened I wa going to keep feeling negative. 
So  first I used a technique called replay, whre I replayed what hapenned as I wanted it to happen. 

Nxt I forgave the person's actions and said I have the choise to feel anyway I want  and I feel kind. 

I am so proud of myself as a muma because I was able to fogive and chnge how I felt.  

Frown Hub 

I am realsitic and  II know we all have parenting worries. So we do  have this a section called Frown hub where you can post your  muma and buba worries (nothing medical please) anonymously. This section is not about getting answers it is about letting go of the worries.

Reearch says by writing doen or talking our worries out load we feel better. 

Want to meet up with local mums , click here to find your local Buba Hub, or maybe set one  set up and share your local  buba and muma meet up.


BUBA HUB are local face to face meet ups  weekly, every other week or monthly . We help you set up a BUBA HUB local to you if there is not one set up yet. To find out more about Buba Hub , click here . 

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