Colic Clinic  consultations are available at home available on Wednesday's, all over UK
Colic Clinic gives you  a full  assessment of your baby's issue,  holistic advice, therapies and  recommendations.
Colic Clinic is for babies who are 0-12 months old who are suffering with colic, wind,  reflux or constipation issues. However is your baby or toddler is older than 12 months, I can still help. 

If your baby is: 

  • Crying all day

  • Fussy most of the time

  • Needs to be held and rocked most of the day

  • Has been diagnosed with reflux or has suspected reflux

  • Struggling with constipation

Then you NEED to book your consultation at the Colic Clinic.

What happens at your Colic Clinic consultation?

  • You will have a 2 hour colic consultation and assessment

  • You are given a  full assessment of your baby's day to day behaviour, feeding, sleep and temperament

  • At the session you will be given recommendations to use immediately to help improve your baby's colic or reflux, and be sent recommendations by email

Colic Clinic




BOOK this session if your baby is suffering from colic, wind, constipation or reflux 


  • A 2 hour  consultation giving you  advice & recommendations

  • Consultation run at  your home

  • Personalised advice to suit your baby's needs

  • A full holistic colic, wind, reflux and constipation assessment is carried out 

  • Continued support via email  

  • A review session by phone call is made within 2 weeks after your consultation to 

A guide to baby massage for wind & colic

 Email to buy



This handy baby massage  guide will help you use baby massage techniques to ease babies who are suffering with wind, colic or constipation.

The guide is easy to follow and improvements are usually seen with a few days. 


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