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Feeding to sleep 

When your baby

is a newborn it is perfectly normal for them to feed to sleep and there is nothing

wrong with doing this 

I suggest from 12 weeks onwards you start to disassociate feeding and sleep.

DID YOU KNOW ... Bottle fed babies cluster feed too


Swaddling is a great way to help newborns to sleep more contently. Many parents I work with say their baby doesn't like swaddling.

Watch our swaddling video to check how to swaddle like a pro . 

To swaddle you can use a muslin or a specially made swaddle wrap. 
Stop swaddling once your baby can roll or reaches 5 months. 


A baby's sleep cycles are shorter than an adults around 45-60 minutes during the day.

At night a baby's sleep cycle is around 2 hours. 

Your   wellbeing 

It is really important you look after your well-being as well as your baby's. If you are stressed or worried your baby will pick up on this so do your best to manage your stress levels. 

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