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Although you may have been told that as a hypnobirhting mother you don't experience pain this is not true, you may experience pain as a hypnobirthing mum but HOW you perceive the pain will be different. 

In the Simply hypnobirthing course , we talk about pain as pressure and sensation and focus on what the sensation means,  
Hypnobirthing equips the mum-to-be with the proper tools to acknowledge the pain and welcome it.
Deep meditation and an unconditionally calm state of mind,  are some of the methods you will learn and master on the Simply hypnobirthing course 


Hypnobirthing aims to control your emotions and get to the root of them all, fear.
According to advocates, fear is that invisible force that makes a mum experience pain of labour in a fearful way, but if that fear is understood,  the whole experience can be positive & confident
I hypnobirthing, the deep state of mind, relaxation, and hypnosis all work to control the pain and fear. 

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