What is baby massage ?

Updated: Aug 23

Baby massage has been used all over the world for thousands of years . Baby massage was introduced to the western world during the last 30 years, gaining in popularity in the UK since the late 1990's.

Baby massage is when a parent or primary carer lovingly strokes or holds their baby.

Using a high quality non-fragranced vegetable oil, soothing holds and rhythmic strokes are given on each area of baby's body, following a sequence that has been developed over many years.

The massage offers a wonderful shared experience and is a special time to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with your baby.

Natalie the founder of Birth Baby Bliss has been teaching baby massage for theist 10 years.

Birth Baby Bliss runs baby massage classes online worldwide & face to face all. over the UK. To find out more click here

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