The express hypnobirthing course

Prep4 Birth is an express hypnobirthing course designed to helps expectant parents learn all about hypnobirthing over 4 hours. 


Prep4 Birth is not a course just for women who want a natural birth it is for ANYONE having a baby. Birth can be positive , birth can be calm , birth can be relaxed - let us show you how. 
Women who have had  natural births, planned c -sections, inductions and interventions have all attended Prep4 Birth and have had a positive birth experience.

It is is a course that teaches you and your birth partner
What hypnobirthing is 

How exactly to use hypnobirthing  during the stages of  labour  
ow hypnobirthing will help you  have a positive experience. 

You can take the  Prep4 Birth course anytime from 20 weeks pregnant because the more your practice hypnobirthing the more effective it is .

Prep4 Birth is run over 2 evening sessions or one day at the weekend all over  London.  On this express hypnobirthing course which is a great complement to any other antenatal course you are already taking you will learn all you need to know about hypnobirthing in a simple and straightforward way. 

Prep4 Birth is run by birth experts - Natalie, who has over 10 years experience as a doula and Laura, who has 8 years experience as a midwife and Juliana, who has 2 years midwifery experience and is a mum of 4. 

Private couples courses available too

What Prep4 Birth covers:

  • Getting your body and mind prepared using hypnobirthing 

  • Breathing for birth 

  • Positive birth positions

  • Pain management and options

  • Hypnobirthing techniques that help your mind & body to relax during labour and birth 

  • Birth partner preparation 

  • Group meet up after the birth's to celebrate

Prep4 Birth course cost £ 150


    22nd Feb from 1-6pm   -   
    24th & 31st March from 7-9pm 
    12th & 19th May from 7-9pm

    13th June from 11-4pm 

    28th March  from 11-4pm
    20th May & 27th May from 7-9pm
    20th June from 11-4pm


    22nd & 29th April from 7-9pm
    10th & 17th June from 7-9pm 
    18th July for 11-4pm 

    11th & 18th May from 7-9pm
    9th & 16th July from 7-9pm 
    6th June from 11-4pm 

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